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    If you had to name your child after...

    {{I'm stealing this game from NancyM on babynamewizard}}

    -I will start us off with 3 categories (with a girl name and a boy name for each category), the next person will choose two of those categories and add 1 new one and give their 2 names for each category.
    -The name must be the actual English word for something in the category. For example, if the category is tree, the challenge is to pick a name of a type of tree like Cedar or Evergreen, not Daphne, meaning “laurel”, or Ashley, meaning “ash tree clearing”.
    -You can suggest a nickname, i.e., Tina for Argentina (if the category were country), but the name on the (hypothetical) birth certificate has to come from the category.
    -You can also give them middle names if you want but those must also fit the category.


    Here are 3 categories to start. If I had to name my child after…
    a US President: g - Monroe Taylor. b - Zachary Hayes.
    a city: g - Alexandria London. b - Austin Phoenix.
    a car (make or model): g - Mercedes Nova. b - Holden Brooks.
    casey lynn. 27. name nerd.
    Names are everything. ~ Oscar Wilde
    Names have power. ~ Rick Riordan

    {please vote on my name lists}
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    If I had to name my child after...
    a US president: g. Lyndon McKinley. b. Hayes Warren.
    a city: b. Salem Raleigh. g. Thessaly Geneva
    something edible: g. Rosemary Olive. b. Basil Sage
    Writer. Not kids, but characters.

    Margot • Hudson • Eloise • Olivia • Bridger • Stanford
    Justine - Paz - Grant - Rosalie - Becca - Brooklyn - Colin
    Simon • Cassie • Lainie • Byron • Jermaine • Claudia • Abbie
    Kieffer - Darcy - Sam - Jill - Noah - Damien - Stephanie
    Eliza • Gregory • Lloyd • Paisley
    ​Alice - Faye - Kira - Reese - Peter

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    A U.S. President: Girl- Monroe Madison boy- Ford Harrison

    City- girl: Prairie Lincoln boy: Knox Phoenix

    Country: girl- Egypt Morocco boy- Haiti England

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    A U.S. President; girl - Reagan McKinley Taylor, boy - Theodore Washington Grant
    City; girl - Adelaide Olympia Florence, boy - Paris Charleston Phoenix
    Gem/Mineral/Metal; girl - Ruby Sapphire Pearl, boy - Jasper Mercury Jet
    Laura Janet. 27 years old.

    * Adelaide * Arizona * Calliope * Clementine * Daphne * Francesca * Harriet * Matilda * Ruby * Saskia *

    * Atticus * Declan * Felix * Lachlan * Nathaniel * Owen * Rafferty * Sullivan * Theodore * Vincent *

    Guilty Pleasure Names:
    * Bellamy * Magnolia * Temperance * Wilhelmina *
    * Crosby * Fitzwilliam * Heathcliff * Lysander *

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    City: Madison Florence and Rio Jackson
    Gem/Mineral/Metal: Ruby Jade and Jet Mica
    Nature: Lily Rose and River Ash
    Evie, Isabella, Olivia, Ava, Mia, Charlotte, Sophie, Lily, Amelia, Madison (Maddie)

    Evie Rose, Evie Faith, Amelia Grace, Amelia Lily, Isabella "Issie" Marie, Sophie Flora, Charlotte Mia, Madison "Maddie" Ava

    Charlie, George, Harrison, Oliver, Oscar, James, Noah, Ethan, Harvey, Finlay (Finn)

    Oscar James, Noah James, Finlay "Finn" Alexander, Finlay "Finn" Michael, Oliver Alexander, Ethan William, Charlie George, Harrison Zachary, Ethan Zachary, Noah Zachary

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