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    Spelling for Adelynn

    What looks and sounds best with MN Mae LN Ayers? DH prefers Adelynn. We want the add-uh-lynn pronunciation. I think Adeline looks much nicer but would likely be pronounced add-uh-line. Thoughts?

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    I completely agree with what you posted. I read them exactly as you broke them down to sound--I like the Adeline way best, and would be willing to correct a few people--

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    Too have the pronunciation you want, my first guess of the spelling would be Adalyn. Seems phonetic. I do think there are many variations to spelling this name, even more so because of the Lynn sound.
    I would assume Adeline was pronounced Addahlynn like you want.
    if I saw Adeline, that is my first pronunciation guess.
    I would choose Adalyn, but, whichever you think looks better if you don't mind correcting people.

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    I really thinks it's negotiable. Sort of like the Caroline/Carolyn thing. I know a lady who spells it Caroline, but pronounces it (kare-uh-LIN). I think it can go either way, and still be legit. Adeline Mae is so pretty : )
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    I think I would personally choose Adeline (AD-ə-lien).
    Adeline is the diminutive form Adele from the germanic Adela. The -line ending seems to be more traditional to most germanic languages. I got the pronunciation above from As -line can be pronounced “line" or “lien" though I tend to the latter as (I think) it is more traditional.

    Adeline (AD-ə-lien) would give you your spelling and preferred pronunciation. I think there is a good chance you’ll be correcting people to your preferred pronunciation regardless of the spelling as most people won’t see the name spelled when she will be introduced.
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