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    I did think of using Violet at first because it's my birth month flower and also my grandmothers. I don't like it though. I like Katherine, but not with Louisa. I also can't use any Mary or Rose variants because I'm set on Rosemary.

    Keep them coming guys! Please make sure to look at my signature also. I think the combinations I have up show my taste in names very well.
    Could you check out this thread please? I'll return the favor. Send me a PM.
    Link 1 and Link 2

    Alice Hermione, Madeleine ?, Lilith Seraphine, Caroline Hazel, Rosemary Gloria, Hana Felicity, James Alaric Matthew, Henry Elijah/Henry Marcellus, Alexander Lucian Godfrey & Sebastian Rhys
    Not pregnant. Just collecting names. AthenaDanielle

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    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

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    Alsou Valentina - Odette Lysandra - Guinevere Snow - Zinnia Ophélie - Hera Victorine
    Noel Bartholomew - Viggo Augusten - Johan Irving - Anders Maël - Jules Quincy - Magnus Luther

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