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    Mar 2015

    CAF with 8 Children (#3)

    LN: Rackley, Zimmerman, Clampitt, Chesser

    DH: Rufus, Eugene, Joshua, Tobiah / Evan, Christopher, Craig, Barry
    DW: Gertrude, Beatrice, Rachel, Ada / Katherine, Chasity, Chauntel, Rebekah

    Ds: Rufus, Gus, Hunter, Harrison / Alan, Lee, Earth, Athens
    Ds: Fielding, November, Mercer, Timothy / Thomas, Harold, Aaron, Lucas
    Dd/Dd/Dd: Delilah, Chanel, Guinevere, Pepper, Amabel, Waverley, Freya, Isabeau, Layla Chamois, Fia, Inga / Alexis, Xaviera, Umbrielle, Sloane, Aimee, Mia, Tyra, Ann, Nona, Naomi, Apple, Persephone
    Dd: Lydia, Petal, Quenby, Zelda / Riley, Iliana, Barbara, Arlene
    Ds: Zeus, Leo, Flynn, Willoughby / Brian, Robin, Ian, Ebenezer
    Ds: Quinn, Gray, Fraser, Ingram / Baxter, Axel, Terence, Eric

    Beloved female dog (breed is your choice) : Rainbow, Baby, Easter, Nadia
    Beloved male dog (breed is your choice) : Woof Woofington, Nickolas, Ice, Sebastian
    Beloved male cat (breed is your choice) : Saber, Abe, Cain, Azul

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    Mar 2015
    LN: Rackley

    DH: Rufus Christopher Rackley
    DW: Gertrude Chauntel Rackley

    Ds: Rufus Earth Rackley
    Ds: Mercer Thomas Rackley
    Dd/Dd/Dd: Chanel Apple Rackley / Pepper Aimee Rackley / Fia Persephone Rackley
    Dd: Petal Barbara Rackley
    Ds: Willoughby Brian Rackley
    Ds: Gray Axel Rackley

    Beloved female; chihuahua / mini pin mix : Easter
    Beloved male dog; black lab / chow mix: Woof Woofington
    Beloved male black cat : Saber

    Rufus & Gertie with Earth, Mercer, Chanel, Pepper, Fia, Petal, Will & Gray
    ~~Easter, Woof & Saber~~

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    Feb 2013
    LN - Rackley

    DH - Joshua Evan
    DW - Rachel Katherine

    DS - Harrison Alan
    DS - Timothy Lucas
    DD/DD/DD - Delilah Naomi, Guinevere Alexis, and Isabeau Mia
    DD - Lydia Barbara
    DS - Flynn Robin
    DS - Quinn Terence

    Beloved female dog (Pug) - Nadia
    Beloved male dog (English bull dog) - Woofington
    Beloved male cat (Tabby) - Abe

    "Josh, Rachel, Harrison, Tim, Lilah, Gwen, Izzy, Lydia, Flynn, Quinn, Nadia, Woof, and Abe Rackley."
    Lindsey | 20 | College Sophomore | Child and Family Development Major
    Katherine Maxine | Margaret Grace | Juliet Naomi | Tessa Eleanor | Delilah Jean
    Genevieve | Natalie | Audrey | Nora | Amelia | Hallie | Elisabeth

    Zachary Jude | Samuel Pierce | Joel Edward | Thomas Elliot | Weston Bradley
    Evan | Nathaniel | Benjamin | Grayson | Dean | Shepherd | Everett | Jensen

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    Nov 2015
    LN: Zimmerman
    Dh: Joshua Craig
    DW: Rachel Katherine
    DS: Hunter Alan
    DS: Timothy Lucas "Tim"
    DD/DD/DD: Waverly Mia, Delilah Alexis, Layla Naomi
    DD: Lydia Arlene
    DS: Flynn Brian
    DS: Quinn Eric
    Beloved female dog: Nadia the chihuahua
    Beloved male dog: Ice the Alaskan malamute
    Beloved male cat: Azul the Russian Blue

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    May 2013
    DH: Joshua Evan Zimmerman
    DW: Ada Katherine Zimmerman

    DS: Rufus Lee Zimmerman
    DS: Timothy Aaron Zimmerman
    DD/DD/DD: Delilah Aimee, Freya Persephone & Layla Ann Zimmerman
    DD: Lydia Arlene Zimmerman
    DS: Leo Brian Zimmerman
    DS: Quinn Eric Zimmerman

    Dogs: Nadia & Sebastian
    Cat: Abe
    Favourites: Nathaniel James , Theodore Rupert, Sebastian Arthur, Benjamin Charles
    Rosalie Pearl, Victoria Claire, Amelia Charlotte, Joanna Edith

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