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    How do you feel about this name?

    I'm never really sure how I feel about this name. It's a family name and there would be (I think) intense pressure to pick this one if someday in the far off future I was having a boy. It was my parents' favorite name they never used. It's a family name. The name is

    Sometimes I feel nostalgic and I love it, and sometimes I can't stand it. Carl is never very trendy. It's out and seems to be out forever. I never see this name in posts about name trends. No one seems to like this name. In movies a lot of Carls seem nerdy and very serious. Carl is described "no-nonsense", which doesn't sound good (neither does the rest of the Name berry description)

    I have never known anyone with this name, although we had this neighbor who was anti-social and not a good association for me. I didn't know him. The family connections are good.

    A lot of the other forms are popular. Like Charles, Charlotte, and Caroline. I like Caroline, but Charles is an ex of a close friend and Charlotte is too popular. I'm not too fond of Carly or Carla.
    The Latino forms Carlos and Carlo are fun. I am a huge Psych fan, so I love the name Carlton, but you have to have the right last name I think with Carlton/Carleton.

    I don't know. It popped in a book I was reading as a joke.

    What do you think? Do you like Carl? Do you know a lot of them? Is it too dated? Will it be too dated in ten years to seven years to thirteen years when I might have a son?Do you prefer more modern boys names such as Callum or more traditional names like Carl?

    Thank you in advance!
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    I actually have a student named Karl (I'm in China, so it's in no way indicative of US/UK naming trends). When I first met him, his name struck me as a bit off... he's really cool, and Karl struck me as a bit of an old/nerdy name. However, I'd have to say it's a name that's really grown on me. It's much more versatile than I previously thought. Also, I think there's a Carl on "The Walking Dead"... I'd definitely spell it Carl, though, not Karl (a bit too Marx).
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    I've only ever known one Carl, he'd be in university now. I didn't know him that well but he was pretty social and outgoing, not serious or nerdy at all. I think it's a nice, solid name that doesn't stand out too much but isn't common/popular either. I could imagine a Carl of any age.
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    I know just one Carl. He's incredibly tall, red-headed, forgetful, fit, hilarious, adventurous and intelligent. He has a lot of freckles and is really strong. Because of this, Carl strikes me as one of the most personable names - it's funny how experiences of other people colour our opinions!
    Carlisle is a big family name for me so I'm 99% sure I'll use it at least in the middle some day.
    To sum up: I like Carl. Carlisle may be an option for you too. Best of luck!
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    I really want to love Carl, since Carl Sagan is a hero of mine, but I just can't quite do it. I think it's simply the sound of the name itself--it seems like a one syllable name trying to be two syllables if that makes sense. (I have pregnancy insomnia, so this could be all rambles.) Carlisle is a great suggestion. I've never known any Carls myself, so it doesn't seem as dated as other names.
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