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    Full name ideas for Beau

    My most recent name crush is Beau. I tend to love fairly classic boys names, my top two for years now have been Theodore (nn Theo, Ted, Teddy, or Bear) and Henry (nn Hank or Hal). Beau has recently come on my radar and I'm smitten, but I'm not sure if it's usable as a stand-alone name, especially considering my taste.
    What are some more substantial names that could get to the nickname Beau?
    Or if I did use Beau as the full name for a future kid, what would be a good, substantial middle name to pair it with?
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    I've always loved Beaumonde

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    Beaumont is cool

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    Beaudan, Beauford, Beaumont, Beauregard, Boaz, Boden, Bodhi, Bogart, Bowen, Flambeau

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    Beauregard, I love this name.

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