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    Jonah Patrick really is lovely
    直美 Naomi

    Lucia Pascale

    Avery Edward Francis

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    Next to somewhere.
    Raevyn, a teenberry.
    [I will include GPs in my replies without saying so, especially in the Games forum.
    Marina, Kate, Audrey, Blossom. Talia, Monica, Ann, Lileas, Margaret, Astoria, Claudia, Beatrice, Phaedra

    Finn, Cecil, Cove, Peregrine, Calix, Remus, Will, Atticus, Clarence, Jonas, Peter, Basil, Alistair

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    Jonah is on my list for a boy and we'd almost certainly pick Benjamin as a middle as it keeps it Old Testament themed, makes it feel classic and grounded and flows beautifully.
    There are some lovely suggestions here though!

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    Archibald | Barnabas | Bartholomew | Ephraim | Hezekiah | Jonah | Noble | Obadiah | Silas | Zebulon

    C o l o n i a l | N a m e s

    Bathsheba | Cornelia | Esther | Felicity | Hephzibah | Lydia | Mehetabel | Priscilla | Prudence | Sapphira

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    I think Jonah is much nicer than Jonas. Good middle names could be

    Jonah Gabriel
    Jonah Benjamin
    Jonah Elijah
    Jonah David
    Jonah Caleb
    Jonah Abram
    Jonah Isaac
    Jonah Isaiah
    Jonah Liam
    Jonah Lucas
    Jonah Matthew
    Jonah Michael
    Jonah Marcus
    Jonah Peter
    Jonah Samuel
    Jonah Zachariah

    Generally I think Biblical names go best with other biblical names.

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