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Thread: No middle name?

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    No middle name?

    Hi all!

    Just wondering what you think of not giving your child a middle name? Me and DH can't agree on one we like for our first name choices that also go with our surname so we're considering just leaving our DD with just a first name and perhaps letting her choose her own middle name when she is older.

    What do you think? Would welcome your thoughts. Cheers

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    It's a neat idea to let her choose her own middle name someday, but I don't think I would just leave it blank until then. As strange as this sounds, I encourage you to choose a "filler" middle name, so there's still something there but it's not really anything super important and set in stone. Something like Lynn, Rose, Grace, Anne, Marie... Then, when your darling gets to be a certain age, you can help her pick out a new middle if she wants.

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    You know, when I clicked this thread (before I read), I was going to suggest "let her choose her own middle name" myself. I think it is a great idea. I'll say just put her first and last name on the certificate. Maybe you'll come up with some ideas latter, you can suggest it to her and let her decide when she is older.

    This happened to me. Officially, I do not have a middle name. My dad chose my first name and that was it. My mom chose my "unofficial" middle name when I was.. toddler, I guess. That is what I always use and because I like my mom's choice, I know I'll add it legally someday. My name, my decision. I think this is a great idea.
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    If you and your husband can't agree on anything, just leave it blank. I don't see a problem with that. Or you could use your surname in the middle, assuming she'll have your husband's surname.
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    In general, I'm against the no middle name thing. I've grown up hating my first name, and hating my middle name. I would have loved to have been able to go by my middle, but I hate my middle more than my first (which, granted, I've come to quite like). I am absolutely for middle names, but if you can't agree on one, no matter how hard you look, maybe it is for the better to leave it blank and let her choose it when she's old enough.
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