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    Never heard this name before. I like it, especially if you can use the nickname Xia.
    直美 Naomi

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    I like it, though I prefer Xiamara.

    If you love it, go for it, people will get used to it. It's fairly simple to spell once you know how.
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    I went to school with a girl named Xiomara, and I always thought it was beautiful. She and her family were from Ecuador, and the way they said it just sounded beautiful.

    I love it.
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    Having a unique name myself, I love Xiomara (I'm assuming it's pronounced zee-oh-MAR-ah...)!!! It's a great unique name as unlike mine, many nicknames can be made from it, (which means that if your child doesn't want to go by their full name they can still go by a nice short name), such as Mara (: unique names grow on people, so I wouldn't worry about what others think - it's a pretty name which cab both stand out or fit in, depending on how you choose to use it! (:
    Best of luck!

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    Although I prefer Aria out of all the names you've chosen (Natalia is also a favorite of mine) I don't think Xiomara is too much so long as you're pronouncing it relatively phonetically (zee-o-mar-a or zee-uh-mar-a), and has the adorable nickname possiblity of 'Zee'. It might be a little confusing to spell for some people, though.

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