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    I have a great great aunt who was named Euphemia nn Effie. Euphemia isn't exactly coming back at this point though.

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    Maybe the nn Effie could work for Evelyn?

    I was going to also say that Kitty is usually a nn for Katherine.

    I know an elderly lady that is named Esther nn Essie

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    Effie is also a nn for Elizabeth...which I love! Sophia can easily be a Fifi...Estella can be Essie...

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    Spunky nicknames
    Isadora Dora, Isy, Isa,
    Francesca, Frankie, Francie, Chess, Chesca, Franca,
    Harriett -Hattie, Harry, Etta,
    Tatiana-Tat, Tatsi, Tiana, Ana
    Dannika-Danni, D, Nika,
    Matilda-Matty, Tillie, Tilda,
    Esmeralda-Essie, Raullie, Esme
    Charlotte (this one is popular)-Charlie, Lottie, Char, Shar, Caro,
    Cassiopeia__ Cassie, Pia, Sia, Etc.

    Catherine and it's (many) variants are the only formals names I can think of for Kitty.
    Kizzy and Effie are not my style.

    Good Luck!
    Aspiring Writer. Loves books.

    Also inspired by television.

    Current Favorite Letters are B, C, F, and G.

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