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Thread: Initials - CAF

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    Wink Initials - CAF

    Surname: (starts with S)
    DH: GT
    DW: AH
    DS: SR
    DS: KL
    DD: AE
    DD: PG
    DS: LE

    Surname: (original)
    DH: SR
    DW: FO
    DS: GA
    DD: GB
    DD: GC
    DS: GD
    DS: GF

    Surname: (original)
    DH: KL
    DW: KR
    DD: DL
    DS: DR
    DD: JL
    DS: JR
    DD: AL

    Surname: (starts with K)
    DH: DW
    DW: AE
    DD: QN
    DD: IS
    DS: WO
    DD: ME

    Surname: (starts with N)
    DH: KD
    DW: PG
    DS/DS: RJ/AJ
    DD: HT
    DS: EM

    Surname: (original)
    DH: LE
    DW: OC
    DD: ME
    DD: ML
    DS: AT
    DD: JE
    DS: CL

    Mama to Sebastian, Kaidan, Evelyn, Britton, and Jackson

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    Surname: Sorenson
    DH: Griffin Tanner
    DW: Ayla Hazel
    DS: Silas Ryker
    DS: Kenden Lyle
    DD: Adelaide Eleanor
    DD: Penelope Gianna
    DS: Laurel Emme

    Surname: Sorenson
    DH: Silas Ryker
    DW: Fiona Olivia
    DS: Gavin Andrew
    DD: Grace Bridgett
    DD: Gabrielle Colette
    DS: Gideon David
    DS: Grant Finn

    Surname: Sorenson
    DH: Kenden Lyle
    DW: Karissa Rachel
    DD: Delaine Lyla
    DS: Declan Reid
    DD: Johanna Lyric
    DS: Jace Remington
    DD: Adia Leigh

    Surname: Kockx
    DH: Daniel William
    DW: Adelaide Eleanor
    DD: Quinn Natalie
    DD: Isla Stephanie
    DS: Wyatt Oliver
    DD: Macy Eve

    Surname: Nolan
    DH: Kaleb Daniel
    DW: Penelope Gianna
    DS/DS: Ryder Jason and Aiden James
    DD: Haley Tianna
    DS: Emmett Matthew

    DW: Laurel Eleanor
    DH: Orion Colby
    DD: Melody Emerson
    DD: Melissa Lane
    DS: Austin Tate
    DD: Jonathan Ellis
    DS: Colby Levi

    Mama to Sebastian, Kaidan, Evelyn, Britton, and Jackson

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    19 year old name lover from England

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    Arthur, Alfred, Benjamin, Elliot, Freddie, Grayson, Isaac, James, Jude, Jasper, Milo, Remus, Theo, Tate

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