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    James Corden's middle name is Kimberley and I remember seeing an article about whether he would use Kimberely as a middle name for his son, as it was some kind of family tradition. It looks like he did as his son's name is Max McCartney Kimberley Corden.

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    I love the idea of a boy named Lucian/Lucius being nicknamed Lucy. Guilty pleasure of mine...

    Along with several PP's, I have a sweet spot for formerly male, now female names. I love:
    & many more
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    We plan only to give each of our children one middle name, but this is a trend I like for the parents doing 2middles. William Nathan Alice is a traditional example that I think works well and Z3phyr Hendr1x R0se is a more daring choice and one that I have seen used in real life. I like the balance of the 2 masculine and one feminine, quietly recongnising the softer side in their bearer.

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    I really like it. I think Jane and Rose sound great as a mn for boys
    I would love to see more of it.
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    I know a guy with the middle name Brittany. I like the idea of girl's names on guys (just not that one, lol).
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