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    Downton Abbey

    Charlie. Thomas. Jamie. Thomas. Aaron. Joel. Freddie. Ethan. Harrison.
    Henry. Matthew. Hadley. Addison. Andrew. Ashton. Ollie. Albert. Jake.

    Jayne. Millie. Charlotte. Alice. Eleanor. Hannah. Harriet. Claire. Martha.
    Minnie. Rosie. Tilly. Annabelle. Sophie. Kathryn. Violet. Betsy. Lucy-Mae.

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    The (Inconsistent) Blog: The Great Puzzle

    Amaryllis Josephine Dove (Lilly) * Holiday Elizabeth Kate (Holly)

    Phineas Orlando Jack (Finn) * Caspian Apollo Gray (Cash)

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    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
    by any other name would smell as sweet." --Shakespeare

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    I really like Annika Fleur from the above poster.

    Eben Robert
    Ezra Graham
    Noah Callum
    Joel Henrik
    Percival Brian

    Out of all these my favorite is Eben Robert.

    (I would avoid other et/ette names with Jeannette)
    Marta Rose
    Rosemary Liv
    Olive Greer
    Hannah Wren
    Siobhan Loraine
    and my choice would be
    Julia Hadassah

    Your girls names are really pretty.
    Good Luck!
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