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    I think I'll be doing the Angel Tree (giving tree, whatever it is in your place) with Persephone. We were extremely poor growing up (we make about 10,000 a year or less some years) and lived off the food bank and presents from the Angel Tree. We got maybe a present each from the parents, clothes from my grandma, and presents from the Angel Tree. I always felt a bit embarrassed to have my name on the tree (because we had one in our high school so everyone could see it) but I always felt grateful that someone would be kind enough to help us.

    So I think I'll be doing that with Persephone. I'll let her pick and Angel and pick out the present for them (you know, they write on the Angel what the person needs. A toy, clothes, things like that).
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    I loved Santa as a kid! I used to write letters to the reindeer and elves and leave them under the tree. I was amazed when Santa showed up at my day care's Christmas party under the porch light, smoking a pipe (I guess Santas wouldn't do that now, haha.) I don't remember specifically finding out he wasn't real, but it wasn't a big deal.

    I'm still undecided about Santa with my own child. Whether we decide to tell him Santa is "real" or not, I know I will definitely try and capture the Christmas magic as much as possible. It's such a fun time of year for kids.
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    My mom went all out for Santa and now I do too. I use special "Santa-specific" paper and calligraphied tags that don't match any of our other gifts, a little thank you card/special note from Santa by the empty cookie plate, and leftover carrots nibbled by the reindeer. My mother would even throw glitter around and use her fingertips to make reindeer hoofprints. (I don't this 'cause I don't want to have to vacuum it up! )

    Mom was such a great Santa, I probably would have believed up into middle school if I had been allowed to. She told me the truth in third grade when it became obvious I was ready to rumble with any kid who denied the jolly old elf.

    This is Noah's first Christmas not believing in Santa. (He's 7.) I was going to tell him next summer, but he asked me directly, so that was that. He was upset for a day, in denial for a week, and now he's fine. He just asks that all our traditions continue which, of course, they will.

    He's already forming a plan for when he gets to be santa for his own kids someday. It's all very hush-hush, but I will tell you it involves an anti-gravity sleigh and rented reindeer.
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    Happy Solstice Dantea! I am totally going to pm you about pagan Xmasy practices. I feel like the poetry/myth and ritual part of religion is so nourishing, and I never had that growing up, so I'm curious about other ways. Santa was as close to God as I got. Dude, Krampus! German folklore has some crazy demons.

    Fey, those kindness elves are lovely. Elf on the Shelf creeps me out, but this is a nice spin on it. Plus, they're all handknit and Waldorfy.

    Stephy - Aw poor Maeby afraid of Santa! He does have a dark side - the naughty list, the breaking-and-entering, the big red suit, and he lives in such a cold barren part of the world... I get where she's coming from.

    Miri, that is a really sweet idea about leaving a "recycled" gift for Santa to spruce up for other children. The whole issue of fairness was perplexing to me too as a kid, and the fact that Santa made me a puppet theater and Mrs Claus knit me mittens from scratch and stuffed them with Sweet William flowers, while my friend up the street got a Nintendo system. I like your idea of a single present from Santa. I think I'd do the same, along with the stocking. Just one special thing.

    Birdies, you have to switch up the wrapping paper! My mother had special handwriting for Santa's presents. Very square, lots of umlauts.
    The Giving/Angel Tree sounds like a great thing. Dantea, that's special to be able to pass on the kindness.

    RJ - A pipe-smoking Santa! Sounds authentic. How cute that you wrote letters to the reindeer. I used to peel lichen off of trees and leave it for them (that's what magical reindeer eat.)

    Hope, your childhood Santa sounds good and messy. I think it's particularly convincing when he raises a rumpus, leaves cookie crumbs everywhere, etc.

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    @Dantea- When you mentioned the Angel Tree, I thought at first it was a special family term named after you! Haha That'a a great idea though.
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