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    Alternatives to Hugo?

    I really need your help! I'm due in about a week and our baby boy still needs a name (for some reason I find boys names to be really hard!)

    My husband and I have been referring to our little guy as Hugo all throughout the pregnancy - I love the energy of the name, and also the meaning behind it - but now that we're down to the wire I feel nervous about using it! I was thinking of making it his middle name but I'm having trouble thinking of a first name to go with it - if it helps, other names I like are Henry, Oscar (which is unfortunately taken), Theo (but my husband doesn't like that one...) We could also use Thomas which is a family name, but I'm not sure that Thomas Hugo flows well?

    Any suggestions are very much appreciated!

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    I think Hugo is a cool name! If you both love it, and you think of the little guy as Hugo already, then my vote would be to just go for it. I really like the Thomas as well, though, and I think it pairs just fine with Hugo. Thomas Hugo or Hugo Thomas would be equally nice IMO. Good luck!
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    Hugo is a great name. Thomas Hugo is nice too.

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    I really like Hugo for you! But, if it doesn't feel right, I understand. I think Thomas Hugo is very handsome! Some other ideas:

    David Hugo
    Peter Hugo
    Simon Hugo
    Benjamin Hugo
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    I say go for it! Hugo is lovely!

    Here are some alternatives that I think have a similar feel:

    Winter, Phoebe, Gray, Juniper
    Fraser, Fisher, Arthur, Birch

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