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    I knew someone named Claudia who was very cultured and sophisticated, perhaps I associate the name with her.

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    @alysonr8 - Oh that makes sense! For me, a Claudia could be anything (mainly because I've never known a Claudia), but I mainly see a little girl playing in the puddles and catching frogs, but as she gets older becomes sophisticated and very fashion forward. She might love music, but would be more people oriented, however she would be smart. She would have a bit of a temper though, and would always know exactly what she wanted - except when deciding what to do with her life - humanitarian or doctor? If that makes any sense at all,

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    I like both, but Claudia's "negative" meaning gives Pamela some extra points, yet nn Claudie is so cute and feels more 2014 so maybe they are even!

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    Claudia is my current favorite! There are no kids in sight for me, but these are middle names I like with Claudia -

    Claudia Sophie
    Claudia Daisy
    Claudia Madeleine
    Claudia Ruby
    Claudia Violet
    Claudia Harriet
    Claudia Ivy
    Claudia Frances
    Claudia Charlotte

    also, regarding Claudia's negative meaning, I read that often names like this were meant to shield a child from evil spirits, so it wasn't actually seen as a bad thing, but a helpful thing

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    @whatdoyoulove - that's really interesting about shielding the child! Thanks for your middle name idea! I like Sophie, Daisy, Madeleine and Violet

    Beatrice, Jane, Rosie, Alexa, Harriet & Adeline
    Gideon, Charlie, Sawyer, Flynn, Henry & Lachlan

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