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    I actually like both of these names. However, Claudia has a little more of an exotic feel.

    Pamela Jean
    Pamela Sue
    Pamela Leigh

    Claudia Faline
    Claudia Esme
    Claudia Bijou

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    I very much dislike the American (or perhaps common Anglophone) pronunciation of Pamela, and associate it with middle-aged women from the Midwest named Pam, with that horrible eh-inflected dipthongy elongated Midwestern American a sound. And the cooking spray. Ugh.

    But I've read that the name was actually invented by a 16th-century poet, and was originally pronounced pa-MAY-lah, which is much nicer. Hard to get people to use such a pronunciation, though.

    Claudia, on the other hand, sounds very nice and international whether you use the Cloudy-a pronunciation or the Claw-dya pronunciation. Sadly, it does mean "lame" (as in disabled in the feet/legs), but the meaning is not very closely associated with the name, so I think that's fine.

    I'm wondering if there are other international names that are associated with honey, as Pamela is, that you might like? Devorah, Madhavi, Mielle?
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    Claudia seems more cosmopolitan to me. Pamela does seem dated to me. I prefer Claudia.

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    @mickie86 - why does everyone associate Pamela with older mn's like Jean and Sue while Claudia gets the fun ones like Esme? Are there any modern/unique mn that work with Pamela?

    @daisychain - Thanks! I pronounce Claudia CLAW-dee-a not Clowdy-a. And at least with Pamela I don't have the MidWestern American accent! It's not the meaning of Pamela that I love, it's the "mela" sound. I don't love the Pam sound, but the Mela is so pretty! And I think I do prefer Claudia. Any MN ideas?

    @alysonr8 - thanks for your opinion. What do you mean by cosmopolitan?

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    I meant international and sophisticated.

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