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    Xi'An, China
    INTP Anthropologist Living in the centre of China, married to a Persian, and just enjoying a completely unpredictable life

    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14

    Raphael Artin
    Acadia Laleh

    Names I love, but cannot use:
    Soren Pasha, Caspian Bardia, Aryo Benjamin, Lorenzo Kaveh
    Rosalind Katayoun, Viola Parvaneh, Colette Firoozeh

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    I like Beatrice/Beatrix Susannah with Juniper!

    Some other names I like (most have already been suggested I think):

    Tabitha Susannah (Tabby)
    Astrid Susannah
    Hazel Susannah
    Maeve Susannah
    Margot Susannah (Maisie)
    Harriet Susannah (Hattie)
    Saskia Susannah

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    What about Gwendolyn? I think the nn of Gwennie is very cute.

    Psalm 23

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    c a r a
    student~avid bookworm~hopeful writer

    ♀francesca violet ~ arden ~ lucia ~ juno ~ odessa ~ ayla ~ saskia ~ ramona ~ anais ~ harper ~ romilly♀
    ♂ dashiell robin ~ arlo ~ cedric ~ ike ~ leo ~ jasper ~ etienne ~ asa ~ rowan frederick ♂

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    (I made up your last name to help hear it all)

    Marisol Susannah Orlie
    Marin Susannah Orlie
    -- or Maren but I like Marin better (with the second syllable accented)
    Charis Susannah Orlie
    -- Alternative spelling Karis or use Carys to avoid some pronunciation problems
    Mariel Susannah Orlie
    Genevieve Susannah Orlie
    Azure Susannah Orlie
    Averil Susannah Orlie
    Madrigal Susannah Orlie
    Helene Susannah Orlie
    Justine Susannah Orlie
    Christine Susannah Orlie
    Karine Susannah Orlie
    Hannelore Susannah Orlie
    Gweneth Susannah Orliie
    --or whichever spelling you like
    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

    Best Wishes To All

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