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    Calling all berries! Need your knowledge of meanings!

    Hi Guys,

    My friend needs a girls name that means "clinging to life" or "hanging on" or something like that. I thought it would be easy to find but I wasn't able to come up with a single suggestion! Hope you can find something. I know some of you are really good with Greek or Celtic names. Thanks!!!

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    These lists might be helpful: or


    Enid - soul/ life
    Lavita - life
    Priscilla - ancient/ old (a way to wish a newborn a long life)
    Vitalia - life giving
    Vivia - full of life
    Zoe - life/ eternal life
    Eve - life
    Betha - life
    Vivienne - full of life
    Vivica - life
    Viviana - life

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    What about "strong"?

    Neima (Hebrew, "strong")
    Rita (Hindi "brave, strong")
    Valencia (Spanish "brave, strong")
    Valentina (Latin, "healthy, strong")
    Adira (Hebrew "strong")
    Valeria (Latin "strong, vigorous")
    Drucilla (Latin "strong")

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    Abhinivesa is Sanskrit and means 'clinging to earthly life; will to live.' its a big name though

    Asha means both Hope and life which may fit better

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    Just another thought what about Hope? Or names that mean hope Nadine/Nadia/Nadya

    Courage maybe? Valeria/Valora mean courage or Odeda is a Hebrew name for courageous and then there is Riley (Irish for courageous) and all of its variant Ryleigh/Rylee (the different spellings wouldn’t be my choice but everyone’s different)

    Ulla prn according to NB oo-la means 'will and determination.'

    Perhaps one of these in combination with one of the names meaning Life. Loving suggestions by @Oceansunrise
    and the idea of Strength from @freediethepink

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