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Thread: Iffy

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    Audra - Audra is sweet.
    Claire - I really like Claire.
    Brooke - I do not care for Brooke but I love Brooks for a boy.
    Leona - I do not care for Leona.
    Lila - I do not care for Lila but I love Lilia.
    Evelyn/Eveline - I really like Evelyn.
    Hattie - I love Hattie but unsure if I feel it works as a full name or not.
    Delaney - I know Delaney is not well liked on NB but I really like it.
    Deirdre - I do not care for Deirdre.
    Phaedra - I do not care for Phaedra.
    Marlowe/Marlo - I really like Marlo/Marlowe. I prefer the Marlo spelling.
    Viola - I do not care for Viola.
    Fallon - I do not care for Fallon.
    Freya - I do not care for Freya.
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    I like Marlowe, Viola, Phaedra, Leona (how about Leora? I much prefer this). Audra and Evelyn/Eveline are ok too.

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    My favorites:
    Audra Jean
    Leona Marie

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    Audra - I like it a lot more than I like Audrey, but I hate Audrey so yeah. It's pleasant. I think I like something like Aurora more?
    Claire - Love
    Brooke - '80s to me. Not in the cute way.
    Leona - Love this and also Leora. Great melodic sound.
    Lila - Love.
    Evelyn/Eveline - Ok.
    Hattie - Kinda cute, but I don't think it sounds like a formal name and I can't think of anything attractive it could be short for since I don't like Harriet.
    Delaney - Noooo.
    Deirdre - Yes!
    Phaedra - Yes!
    Marlowe/Marlo - Nooooo.
    Viola - I ADORE Viola, have for years.
    Fallon - No.
    Freya - It's okay. I like similar names like Ingrid or Katia more.

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    Phaedra is my daughter's name (nn Phae) and I have not a shred of regret. I have loved that name since I was 12 years old and I waited 23 years to use it. It's a dream. :-)

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