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    I've seen these names floating around and I like them but I'm not sure how much. What are your opinions? Mn will most likely be Jean or Jean Marie if it's a shorter first name.


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    My favourites are as follows,
    Audra Jean
    Leona Jean
    Lila Jean
    Viola Jean

    Hope this helps,
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    General opinion:

    Audra -- hate it because of a woman I knew with it was a terrible person
    Claire -- overdone
    Brooke -- Very boring
    Leona -- I really like it (but I LOVE Leontine)
    Lila -- It's sweet but it's a Meh name
    Evelyn/Eveline -- I really like Evelyn. It's sweet and classic and Evie is spunky
    Hattie -- Love it as a nickname
    Delaney -- I have a weird hate for this name and I don't know why
    Deirdre -- It's one I'm more Meh about. I don't love it or hate it. It's just nice
    Phaedra -- Love it! Love the nickname Fay for it
    Marlowe/Marlo - Love Marlowe but on a boy because it reminds me of Christopher Marlowe
    Viola -- I love it a lot pronounce vi-oh-lah (vi like high)
    Fallon -- I'm sure this is supposed to be fay-lon but I see Fallin'
    Freya -- Love it. Very sweet and fierce at once

    For you, I love:

    Leona Jean
    Evelyn Jean Marie
    Freya Jean
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    I actually like Brooke, even though it is out of style. Wow, backhanded compliment there---but I mean it quite literally, as in it sounds cute and I know a gorgeous, intelligent woman with this name...but the name peaked in (US) popularity in 1996 and in a downward tailspin of usage. The other names don't interest me. (not terrible but NMS)
    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

    Best Wishes To All

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    Audra- I much prefer Audrey.
    Claire- I like it. Simple yet elegant. I prefer it in the middle.
    Brooke- I really don't care for this name. Kinda dull, feels trendy.
    Leona- Neutral. Leora is prettier.
    Lila- Pronounced Lie-luh or Lill-luh? I like the former pronunciation, and I'd spell it "Lilah."
    Evelyn/Eveline- Feels trendy. I prefer Eve.
    Hattie- Maybe it'd be cute as a nickname, but even then I don't love it, and I really dislike it as a first name.
    Delaney- I don't really like this name. It's perfectly fine, just not my cup of tea.
    Deirdre- Bad personal association ruins this name for me.
    Phaedra- LOVE. Especially with the nickname Faye.
    Marlowe/Marlo- I admit, the nickname Marley is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I don't like Marlowe.
    Viola- I want to like this name, but I can't. I prefer Violet.
    Fallon- For a girl? Maybe I could picture this on a boy, but not on a girl.
    Freya- I like this name a lot. It feels so strong to me, like a badass woman hunting bears in a blizzard (I'm tired ok)

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