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    Dec 2009
    DH: Emir Mehmed
    DW: Evelina Samiya

    1. Ayla Emina
    2. Kenan Amir
    3. Alma Enela
    4. Ennis Naseem
    5. Asim Benjamin
    6/7. Nyla Adela/Azra Amela
    8. Iman Anesa
    9. Aida Minela
    10. Osman Halil

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    Damir Arif <3 Samira Evelina

    Melisa Ayla
    Kenan Deen
    Maida Sena
    Denis Ramiz
    Benjamin Karim
    Alia Nyla and Delila Amela
    Anesa Rahima
    Merisa Leila
    Adem Salem

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    DH: Edin Damir
    DW: Samiya Evelina

    1. G Ayla Melisa
    2. B Deen Ibrahim
    3. G Yasmina Elvira
    4. B Ennis Omer
    5. B Tarik Benjamin
    6/7. G/G Mirela Benisa and Nyla Adelina
    8. G Rahima Iman
    9. G Leila Meryem
    10. B Salem Halil

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    DH: Arif Emil
    DW: Samira Evelina

    1. G Melisa Dina
    2. B Amir Sayid
    3. G Yasmina Sena
    4. B Naseem Amin
    5. B Benjamin Ali
    6/7. G/G Adela Reyhana/Zenaida Nura
    8. G Anesa Rahima
    9. G Leila Meryem
    10. B Salem Emran

    Arif and Samira with Melisa, Amir, Yasmina, Naseem, Benjamin, Adela, Zenaida, Anesa, Leila, and Salem

    Love a lot of these names!
    Julia. Teenage lifelong name nerd and future mother

    Nathan, Robert, David, Eli/Eliot, Francis/Franklin/Frank, Samuel (Sam), James (Jamie), Erik, Rowan, Theodore (Teddy/Ted), Avery, Hector, Benjamin (Ben), Luke, Joseph (Joey/Joe)

    Eulalia (Loula/Lou), Mary, Catherine (Catlin/Cat), Fern, Honor, Louise, Olivia, Anna/Anne, Joanna, Jane, Laura, Rose, Aoife, Charlotte, Elaine

    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain--Vivian Greene

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    DH: Mehmed Emil Majstorović
    DW: Samiya Edvina {Divjak} Majstorović

    DD: Emina Amra Majstorović
    DS: Ferid Ibrahim Majstorović
    DD: Sena Yasmina Majstorović
    DS: Ramiz Naseem Majstorović
    DS: Tarik Ali Majstorović
    DD/DD: Alia Reyhana Majstorović / Nura Hamida Majstorović
    DD: Adisa Iman Majstorović
    DD: Zana Meryem Majstorović
    DS: Adem Suleyman Majstorović
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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