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    1. Name my Moon Elf!

    Genre of Story: Fantasy role-playing game set in the Dragonlance world

    Time Period/Location: Dragonlance

    Character Description: My character is a Silvanesti (moon) elf rogue. She's a jack-of-all trades and is an outcast in her society. She's adventurous and curious about the wider world. However, she's arrogant and dislikes anyone who isn't another Silvanesti Elf. They are proud people who think others are inferior to them and they don't like change. She's very distant and cold at first, but warms up later.

    She has white blonde hair and hazel eyes, is about 5 foot and pale skinned.

    If you can help, thanks!
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    I just asked SO, he used to love Dragonlance stuff. Oh, he still does, who am I kidding? Anyway, he suggested Gwynadriel, which sounds pretty. He made it up, so not sure how it would be spelled. He said it's Gwyneth meets Galadriel. Taygete might be fun. Othniel. Actually I just looked that one up (I just have it in a list of fantasy names with no info) and I guess it's a male name. Still pretty. Virelai, which is a medieval French poem (or so I wrote down). Bedelune. I think I made that one up, but the lune/a thing might be a nice moon connection.
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    I believe Artemis would be fitting.
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    I agree, Artemis is a gorgeous name for your character. It comes with lots of nn's and is fitting for your Silvanesti Elf!
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