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    I love Amelia, too. In fact, my 2nd would probably be Amelia had he been a girl. Perhaps boring is the wrong word...I guess growing up with a top 10 name while my sister had a more unusual name left me sensitive to sibs with more familiar names feeling jealous.

    And so strange, I came back and tried to comment on this again on my phone and the post was I looked 10 pages back and it was nowhere! Not the first time that's happened to me on NB in the last week - so weird! Anyway, glad it popped back up now that I'm on my computer.

    So many good names have been mentioned, I'll just try to stick to the non-duplicates (there may be some, though):


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    Thanks for commenting everyone!

    @Kala -- Cyrene is actually the name of someone WAY back in my family records (one of 19 kids! O_O)

    @Feather -- Thanks for your list! Here's my likes and comments:
    Helena -- There's no other way to say Helena in Greek because both Es are epsilons
    Octavia -- I don't like it for me, but I thought it was funny you suggested it because so did my mom :P
    Odette -- already on the middle list but I would love it in the front
    Antoinette -- I have a friend named Antoinette nn Kitty
    Lysandra - Yep. this is somewhere on the middles list
    Guinevere -- This was recently a first name on our list in the combo Guinevere Sophia Signe :P
    Augusta -- Damn A names! Why do I like so many of you!
    Sophronia -- I really like it but is it weird to have Sophia as a middle and Sophronia as a first?

    @Xredd -- in the pagan community, the Greek gods are actually one of the most worshiped pantheons (along with Egyptian and Norse) And I have thought about Gaia in the middle, Circe is so dark to me, and Calypso makes me think of music ^_^

    @Sessha -- Well I'm excited you posted! My likes and comments:

    Anastasia -- This was suggested earlier as a counter to Persephone's underworld magic
    Ariel -- I would love it but a close friend just named a son Alphonse Ariel ^_^
    Aurelia -- It's a very pretty name, but very few A names are allowed up front since we already have so many. So for the middle :P
    Daranya -- ooo I like this!
    Delphine -- I like Delphina ^_^
    Eirene -- No one ever says it properly though!
    Elentari -- Love that meaning and I could nn her Terra and my grandma can't complain because Elen is in there and it's normal :P
    Faerydae -- I find it very cute and mystical. Does it actually have history?
    Forsythia -- It's one of my favorite flower names ^_^
    Lumiere -- Someone suggested this up there! I asked about Lumina
    Luna -- I've never heard of Luneth. I have Lunshea on my list right now (moon fairy)
    Nephele -- As a middle name though, because I hate the repeating EE with Persephone
    Nimith -- I've never heard of this name either. Nim is adorable!
    Reverie -- I love this for a middle
    Serenity -- This is already on my middle list ^_^
    Tifareth -- I've never heard this before and it's great!
    Vivendel -- I pitched this one to Cody before and he didn't like it. Maybe he'll like it as a middle (or have changed his mind on me)

    @Thunderbolt -- Hi! Nameberry does that to me too -_-

    I like:


    When he wakes up, I'll show him the list!
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    He likes these

    Phaedra (middle maybe)
    Odette (middle)
    Elentari (middle)
    Faerydae (middle)
    Lunshea (middle)
    Nephele (middle)
    Reverie (middle)
    Serenity (middle)
    Tifareth (middle)
    Vivendel (middle)

    So pretty much everything in the middle :P Next up, combos thread! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    The name Consuelo comes to mind. I'll make a longer comment on your combos thread :P

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