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    Ooh, I love Inanna Cypress Andromeda. Awesome.

    So if Inanna's on there, are [minor?] goddesses from other cultures also on the table? Would it be offensive to use Isis or Ixchel? How about going Roman--could/would you use Minerva?

    Sorry for the cross-examination. Anyway, my favorites:

    Nydia (I think this may have been made up for the novel "The Last Days of Pompeii," but it's still pretty)

    ...and it's got a negative rep now thanks to Harry Potter, but lately I've been crushing on Alecto/Alekto.
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    Odette Cosima Fionnuala Iphigenia Coraline
    Emmett Kieran August Malcolm Zephyr

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    I can't use Isis because she isn't my goddess (and you certainly don't want to offend the gods) and someone in the temple I go to occasionally (the priest) has a daughter named Isis. I would definitely think about it in the middle. And I wouldn't use Minerva (despite how amazing that name is and how much I love it) simply because I find it odd to worship Athena but call a child by her Roman name. I can't compare it to anything in Christianity or the like for you to understand how weird it is to me. And I've actually never heard of Ixchel so you have succeeded in finding a mythology name I don't know anything about >.>

    From the rest, I like:

    Adrasteia -- this is actually the name of a pretty kick ass female fighter in a fantasy novel I enjoy
    Orithyia -- This is sweet. O names are so hard to find that I like! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I'm loving this thread Though it's tricky because those who some people consider main Gods/Goddesses others don't. I guess part of that is the mythology and part of it is your personal connection. If it's a main Goddess that doesn't have a Greek counterpart, is that still off limits?

    I'm a fan of:
    Dana - But my husband vetoed it
    Thea (Technically a titan, not a Goddess, if I remember right)

    It's great you're so open about your beliefs Worship of other Gods wouldn't seem so weird to people if more of us spoke up!

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    anything to do with wisdom, battle, nature, light, music, poetry, fire, mischief etc. would be good.

    This is the kind of post I want to comment on Sony feel I'm knowledgable enough. However baby is down and dinner isn't ready so heres a few names I think may fit your criteria
    Faye (cause what can be more magic than a fairy)
    Bellatrix (damn u HP)
    Pania (has pan in it? but is pronounced like Pa-nia, She was a water nymph in Maori myth)
    Lumiere, light!
    Tallis (always feels mystical to me)

    Hope that helps.

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    @Miri -- No, the main gods just are the main gods. As in, there are 14 main gods in Greek mythology (Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hades, Hermes, Poseidon, Zeus). All the tons of others are minor gods, Titans, or spirits (Hekate, Persephone, Pan, etc are minor gods. Eros, Gaia, Nyx etc are primordial deities, Hyperion. Phoebe, Theia are titans, Orion and Typhon are Gigantes, Aletheia, Eirene, NIke are spirits etc). It's the same with any. Now, who someone chooses to worship is certainly their own thing and I don't worship a main god (Pan) but there are still set main deities. I'm not ranting, just educating

    For your list I like:

    Morrigan -- This used to be on our list but we took it off some time ago. It's still nice. I like Morgana too but Cody vetoed it once before.
    Terra -- It's a great word, isn't it?

    @Tuitree -- I hope you come back and offer some more! I like:

    Bellatrix -- It would be a middle though because I desperately don't want a Bella or Ella. And I think of the star before the HP
    Pania -- It sounds really sweet. I know nothing about Maori mythology. Want to fill me in?
    Lumiere -- I actually love it but what about Lumina? -- My Amazon Author Page

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