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Thread: Final Four

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    Final Four

    We're expecting our first in April. Each of these names stem from a family name:

    Madeleine Joy (nn Minnie)
    Althea Dale (nn Thea)
    Adeline Kay (nn Addie)
    Annie Elise (just Annie!)


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    Oh I love these names! There isn't a single name I dislike!
    Well, I don't like Dale, so I'm going to say not Althea Dale (but I really like Althea and Thea).
    Adeline Kay nn Addie - is really sweet, but Addie might be getting a bit popular.
    Annie Elise - Annie is so sweet! I don't love the flow though. How about Annie Eliza?
    Madeleine Joy - I know a bunch of Maddies/Maddys and I love them all so much, so I like Madeleine. I don't like the nn Minnie, because well, a) its a bit diminuitive and b) what if she's not minnie, what if she's rather large?
    Anyways, they're all nice!

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    I love all your choices except I do not care for Althea. Madeleine and Adeline being my favorites.
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    Althea is my favorite. I love and adore Annie, but Annie Elise sounds off. I like the suggestion of Annie Eliza.
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    My favorite is Annie Elise. I do love Adeline but I would be worried about all the Addies out there, since Addison is quite popular. Madeleine feels overused to me, although it is a fine name. I kind of like Althea.

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