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    Need ideas please!

    My SO is stuck on Oliver. He went weeks (I'm currently 28 weeks) without wanting to talk about names or shooting down all of my ideas to one day telling me he likes Oliver. But he won't consider anything else, at all. He says that if I find a name that he likes more than Oliver we can use that but so far everything I've suggested he thinks is awful. I love Jude, Judah, Joseph, Nicholas, Henry, Winston and Jonah, he hates all of them. Does anyone have any suggestions to names that might get a thumbs up from my SO? The more I think about the name Oliver the more I dislike it, I can't shake the thought of the movie Oliver & Company I watched hundreds of times as a child. Thank you!

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    Don't you love stubborn men? Have you asked him what he likes so much about Oliver?
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    I've tried, he doesn't ever give me a straight answer, most of the time it's "I just like it!" I've tried getting him to rate names I read off, to see if I could figure out a style, he didn't cooperate. It doesn't help that everyone else is in love with Oliver, and they tell him that over and over, I just don't feel like it fits, not as a first name. I could deal with it as a middle name.

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    My husband thinks Oliver is too old fashioned. Maybe your man likes old fashioned names?
    Here are some suggestions:

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