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Thread: Baby Fever

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    Baby Fever

    I've been crazy lately. We have a plan... we're going to start trying after the wedding, even that month I haven't ovulated yet. I'm committed to the plan, but it just seems so far away right now. I think it's hormonal this time. It really isn't that long, just 15 months, but it's all the way at the end of 15 months.

    How do you handle baby fever?
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    E and I keep a running list of why now is not a good time to have a baby. We have things we want to do before we have a baby, and every time I remind myself of that it makes me feel a little better. He wants to graduate the police academy, and right now my student loans cost as much as a baby per month. Everytime I think of something I add it to the list.

    It's tough when I see my friends posting pictures of their babies on Instagram, but I just sit back and remind myself that it's just not the best time for me, and how good it will feel when it is FINALLY time to start trying.
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    Baby fever never ends.

    We HAVE a baby. He's three months old. He's our 4th. Guess who still has baby fever? Me.
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    lol Me too. Persephone is 6 months and I'm already looking forward to Christmas next year when we can start trying for number 2 (if our finances are good for it). It never goes away. When Persephone was 2 months, one of our friends had her baby and I held him, teared up and looked at Cody. He said "No! She's only two months!" >.<

    I deal with it by being on here and talking about names and helping other people. That, and there are 3 people in my novel who are currently pregnant and naming babies so I get it out through them :P
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    I have this problem, and I'm eighteen without a significant other in sight. I write my characters having babies to get through it. It still kills me to see little ones and be around babies though. Gotta love those biological urges.
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