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    Malheureuse/Malheureux is such a beautiful word. I also really like Parapluie (umbrella), Mélange (blend), Pamplemousse (grapefruit) and Escargot (snail).

    Some beautiful Danish word names:
    Kamille: Meaning "chamomile". Pronounced: kah-MILL-eh.
    Lykke: Meaning "luck". Pronounced: LYK-kuh.
    Lys: Meaning "light". Pronounced: LÜS.
    Maddike: Meaning "maggot" (I know, gross, but beautiful word). Pronounced: (soft D's!!!) MAD-ikkeh.
    Mejse: Meaning "titmouse". Pronounced: MAJ-suh.
    Nellike: Meaning "cloves". Pronounced: NELL-ik-uh.
    Nemesis: Same as in English.
    Paprika: Same as in English.
    Pil: Meaning "arrow". Pronounced: PEEL.
    Svale: Meaning "swallow". Pronounced: SVAL-uh.
    Vibe: Meaning "lapwing". Pronounced: VEEB-uh.
    Vilje: Meaning "will". Pronounce: VIL-juh.

    And lastly, some Greenlandic ones: Aleqa (older sister to a boy), Issiavik (chair), Nerrivik (table) and Pappiala (paper).
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