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    Name for Baby Girl!

    I'd love some opinions about the following name combinations, we're between:

    Adelaide Charlotte June
    Adelaide June Charlotte


    Arwen Charlotte June
    Arwen June Charlotte

    - We're fine with the LOTR reference, because my husband and I both love the movies and actually watched them for our first date!
    - We're doing two middle names, Charlotte from my husband's side (grandmother's name) and June from my side (my mom's middle name). Plus, where we used to go on our first dates was on Charlotte street in the town we live in — I just love all the meaning behind it!


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    Adelaide Charlotte June is gorgeous!
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexnj View Post
    Adelaide Charlotte June is gorgeous!
    Same as above.
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    Both Adelaide Charlotte June and Arwen Charlotte June are beautiful! But, since Arwen is higher up my list, I'm going to say Arwen Charlotte June. Although, for both, if the surname is only one syllable, I'd use Adelaide/Arwen June Charlotte, if not, Adelaide/ Arwen Charlotte June, just for a better flow. Hope that helped!
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    Thanks! Last name is Bookhout

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