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    What do you think about Gloria Geraldine?

    My great aunt (who is 76) is named Geraldine, but she always wanted a middle name. In school, she often wrote her name as Gloria Geraldine because of this. She is a significant figure in my family as she raised my mother and her brothers from age nine onward. I view her more as a grandmother than an aunt.

    What do you think of this combination?

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    I think it is charming! Very retro! It also gives the possibility of the nn Gigi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hazysummerskies View Post
    What do you think about Gloria Geraldine?
    It sounds good.

    It would flow even better, though, without the l's and three syllables.

    Geraldine vs. Gloria is my personal preference.

    Love Geraldine.
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    What a sweet-sounding combo! I like it a lot!
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    Very retro. I like the story behind it.
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