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    What is a "classic" name?

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    Long history is most important. Wide use and popularity are also essential. Historical, literary, and/or religious significance definitely help.
    Top W. European & Biblical classics: William, Charles, George, Richard, Robert, Frederick, Arthur, David, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John/Jack, James, Alexander, etc.
    For girls: Elizabeth, Mary, Victoria, Ruth, Margaret, Martha, Eve, Sarah, Helen, Anne, Hannah, Rose (and variations), Catherine, Diana, etc.

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    I think a good way to explain it is that no one will ever think "oh that name is so out of style" because they don't go out of style...they can't...they're classics. Mary, for example is at its lowest point of use in the U.S. since 1880. But is anyone going to think it is an out-there name? No. Everyone recognizes it, and it is timeless aka a classic.
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    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

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    A classic name to me would be a name that has been around for a long time- usually referenced in history, literature, the Bible, etc. Some classics are more out there (I would think of Dorothea as a classic, though it's been off the SSA list since 1971) but they apply to one of the earlier mentioned criteria.

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