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    I had a dream a long time ago where I had two toddlers named Jade and Luna. I really don't care for Jade, but I think Luna is pretty cute. Probably wouldn't use it but its definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I had another dream I had a newborn boy named Luke. I think its a fine name but its not something I would choose.
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    I had a dream that I had a daughter named Evangeline Celia, she had blonde hair and blue eyes. That is now how I picture an Evangeline and it is now my favorite Evangeline combo. I wouldn't have even thought about the name Evangeline before the dream and it is now in my top ten.
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    I had a dream where I had two girls, one named Crysathamum Hummingbird and the other named Moon Flower, nothing like my usual tastes and I don't really know where I got them from.

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    Dreams are weird. On two seperate occasions, I dreamed DH and I gave birth to twin boys. The first time they were called Harry and Henry. Which is strange because they are essentially the same, and I would never do that to my children.

    The second time one boy was Matthew ( after my brother). Dh wanted to name the other boy Brandon Jordan. I cried out how horrible a name that was, and we setteled on John.

    Those were strange times indeed.

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    This has been a reoccuring theme in my dreams for a long while now. Each child was in a seprate dream. A son named Brian, an adopted daughter named Alexandra, a daughter named Melinda Edith after my grandparents, another daughter named Geraldine (no surprise there! It's my favorite name). And my most recent one, a son named Edward William.

    I honestly don't know where Brian or Alexandra came from. Aside from dreaming of children, I've had dreams where I met a girl named Shannon and a man named Jennifer! How bizzare.
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