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    Quote Originally Posted by emmabobemma View Post
    Where do they draw the line? What makes someone a troll exactly? White lies? A whole identity? Or is it something in between? I guess I need to PM a mod.

    I don't feel betrayed by Ottilie - I don't know the whole story - but I definitely feel worried for her. She must be lonely and confused to be so totally absorbed in this identity. Wish I could help.
    Once you start lying for attention, I believe, you become a troll. Fabricating children, events, and entire lives is lying, full stop. Why bother with white lies at all, if you want to be a respectful/contributing member?

    Most forums I've been on have a pretty solid, "No lying, period" policy, and it works pretty well. Nameberry is much more lenient than any other site I've visited, honestly.

    Edit: I feel like my tone's a bit abrupt/aggressive in these posts, and I want to apologize for that. I do have a lot of feelings about this - but part of it's that I'm writing around the sound of my family watching tv, and I'm trying to get my thoughts together coherently. Sorry if I sound harsh!
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    I'd like to know what evidence they have against her... I mean, how bad is it? I personally have a hard time believing that she would lie about being bipolar. I realise that might just be me being stupid and naive, but the way she has described her experience with the illness was so relatable to me and manipulation is a very present symptom of Bipolar Disorder's sub-illness (is that a word?), Borderline Personality Disorder (and can, but isn't always, a symptom of bipolars). I also know for a fact that she has some sort of connection to Norway because she's written to me in (perfect) Norwegian, so I refuse to believe that she has lied about everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamamiam View Post
    Ironically, one of my first introductions to NB was Ottilie accusing me of being a troll and telling me that she and others wouldn't respond to me because she was thought I was being mean when I said I didn't like so many former-boy names going to the girls. So I must beg to differ, she was not nice to everyone. Not newbies vocal about opinions she didn't like. The bipolar thing could be real or a cover to explain her lies.
    Well, you can fool some of the people most of the time, or however that saying goes. She was always nice to me, but like I said...there's almost always more to the story. I'm sorry she was nasty to you iamamiam, but I'm glad you stayed around in spite of it, as I've very much appreciated your input on my naming "crises."

    True also, the bipolar claim could be a cover or it could be the real reason; as far as my own experience I thought she acted consistently with that diagnosis, but it would also make a very good cover. There again, I don't have all the information, just my own experience. This is why it's so messy when the admin have to take care of situations like this. I don't envy their job at all, I've been there and it seems like no matter what you do, somebody is going to be mad at you. I kind of think the kicker here is the multiple accounts, as reported by moderator @ikfly. That's grounds for being blocked on almost any site.
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    Yeah, the multiple accounts are a real issue for me - not to mention, she's posted pictures before. One of those involved her being partially naked with her 'daughter' (she removed the picture, but posted several times saying she was editing it down to make it more appropriate). If she doesn't have a daughter, she stole those pictures. That is INCREDIBLY creepy to me.
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    Yeah, I'm kind of with Zelia on this one--all lying aside, Ottilie definitely proved knowledgeable about quite a few things. And like others have said, there have been a few trolls who've been given second chances that worked out fine.

    And I'd kind of like to know more specifics, too, but at the same time I'm not holding my breath.

    Side note: sorry for derailing your thread like this, momberries.
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