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    Just copying Pam's response onto this thread. This was posted in the Babies Due January-March thread.

    Hi everyone -- Very exciting that your due dates are getting so near! I wanted to reassure you all that Ottilie did not vanish because of any health issues but because, after several allegations of that she had manufactured details of her identity and her life, we concluded that we had to ban her. This was unfortunate as she was intelligent and knowledgable about names and a vital member of our community, but that's also what made it necessary for us to take action. We want everyone on Nameberry to feel as confident as possible that the people they're forming relationships with and sharing details of the most important moments in their lives are who they say they are. We know that many of you miss Ottilie's inspired and generous comments but ultimately we feel that the more honest and open Nameberry is, the better it is.

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    Thanks mods for the continued clarifications, and I completely agree with the reasoning. What a shame. I wondered sometimes about her, but never really seriously, because I thought there was no way that someone would go that far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r_j View Post
    Thanks mods for the continued clarifications, and I completely agree with the reasoning. What a shame. I wondered sometimes about her, but never really seriously, because I thought there was no way that someone would go that far.
    I think a lot of people were in this boat! Plus, not many people were actually involved in the many different "branches" of the forums, so it was difficult for individuals to put together the big picture.
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    I thought this site was for sharing information and opinions about names. I generally don't comment or engage people who make very personal off-topic comments. I'm also a member of another forum that is for people who own reptiles and it doesn't seem to have problems with trolling. I believe that is due in a large part to the fact that people in that forum stay on-topic almost 100% of the time.

    I would never get so involved with someone else's life via the internet. Folks, we don't know each other, plain and simple. Disappointment implies unmet expectations.

    Let's make this forum what it should be... a great place for people to share their knowledge and interest in naming. Nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonfireazalea View Post
    @shilo- That would be a lot of Googling. I'm not saying it's impossible to find all that information, but it would be a lot.
    Regarding literature and music, assuming she has a lot of free time on her hands (which, given how often she posted here, seems highly likely) it would be very easy for her to have a good bit of knowledge in that area under her belt. It's the same for names: they're very easy to Google, and even then she often had pronunciations wrong. Sometimes it was easy to miss because she wrote in such a confident tone, but there really were several errors.

    As for parenting? I rarely saw anything constructive/accurate. The most I saw would honestly be very easy to gather with five minutes of Googling before writing a post. Her knowledge of healthcare was all over the place, and a lot of the things she mentioned (such as being able to find out gender at 13/14 weeks) were gathered from reading other peoples' posts a few months ahead of time.

    Rainydaygarden, the prevalence of the Teenberries/Mixedberries/Momberries threads tells me that a completely impersonal site is far from what Nameberry is - or what its members want. The former two were created by the members themselves, because people WANTED to get to know each other. It's human nature to want to know the people you're spending time around. I would imagine Nameberry gets more fakes because having a baby is a big, exciting thing, and you're likely to get more attention/praise for having a new baby than you are for something happening to your reptile (no offense to reptile owners - I do love lizards, though snakes freak me out).
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