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Thread: Initials game!

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    Initials game!

    Ok, name the families using these initials.

    Family one- Surname- Watson
    Mum- PR
    Dad- GJ
    Son- JA- aged 18
    Daughter- ER- aged 15

    Family 2- Chadwick
    Mum- KE
    Dad- AJ
    Daughter- AB- aged 14

    Family 3- Rush
    Mum- PL
    Daughter- KRC- aged 14

    Family 4-
    Mum- IA
    Dad- RA
    Daughter- EA- Aged 14
    Daughter- CM- aged 13
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    1. Watson
    Mum- Pearl Rowena
    Dad- Graham Jensen
    Son- Jensen Amos - aged 18
    Daughter- Eliza Ruth - aged 15

    2. Chadwick
    Mum- Katherine Ellis
    Dad- Alistair Jerome
    Daughter- Arley Bridget - aged 14

    3. Rush
    Mum- Phoebe Louise
    Daughter- Kezia Rosalie Claire- aged 14

    Mum- Imogen Avis
    Dad- Raphael Ames
    Daughter- Emilia Avis - Aged 14
    Daughter- Celeste Marie - aged 13

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    Family one- Surname- Watson
    Mum- Penna Rose
    Dad- Gabriel James
    Son- Jonah Andrew - aged 18
    Daughter- Echo Rebecca - aged 15

    Family 2- Chadwick
    Mum- Kaia Elise
    Dad- Aldo Jacob
    Daughter- Alba Beatrice - aged 14

    Family 3- Rush
    Mum- Phoebe Lucia
    Daughter- Kendra Rebecca Caitlin - aged 14

    Family 4-
    Mum- Isis Annabel
    Dad- Rowan Alexander
    Daughter- Eleanor Alice *Nora* - Aged 14
    Daughter- Clementine Margaret *Emmy* - aged 13
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    Family one- Surname- Watson
    Mum- Penny Ruth
    Dad- Graham James
    Son- James Archie - aged 18
    Daughter- Eleanor Ruth - aged 15

    Family 2- Chadwick
    Mum- Kay Elizabeth
    Dad- Alistair John
    Daughter- Annabel Beth - aged 14

    Family 3- Rush
    Mum- Phoebe Lara
    Daughter- Katie Rose Camilla - aged 14

    Family 4- Scott
    Mum- Isla Audrey
    Dad- Rodger August
    Daughter- Eloise Audrey - Aged 14
    Daughter- Clara Mae- aged 13

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    Family one- Surname- Watson
    Mum- Penelope Rose Watson
    Dad- Gareth Julian Watson
    Son- Jude Amadeus Watson - aged 18
    Daughter- Eva Romilly Watson - aged 15

    Family 2- Chadwick
    Mum- Katherine Eliza Chadwick
    Dad- Archer Jack Chadwick
    Daughter- Alaska Belphoebe Chadwick - aged 14

    Family 3- Rush
    Mum- Primrose Lucille Rush
    Daughter- Klara Rue Catharina Rush - aged 14

    Family 4- Kingston
    Mum- Ivy Amelia Kingston
    Dad- Richie Alexei Kingston
    Daughter- Evelyn Alice Kingston - Aged 14
    Daughter- Caroline Matilda Kingston - aged 13
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