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Thread: Initials BNG

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    DH: George Maverick Crocker.
    DW: Aurora Leigh Crocker.
    --DD1: Therese Aria Crocker.
    --DS1: Jackson Michael Crocker.
    --DD2: Raquel Eliza Crocker.
    --DS2: Beau Jonathan Crocker.
    --DD3: Adelaide Leona Crocker.

    DD1: Therese Aria Brody.
    DH: Ronald Jasper Brody.
    --DD: Juliet Jordan Brody.
    --DD: Anna Melissa Brody.
    --DS: Nathan Rupert Brody.
    --DD: Matilda Jane Brody.
    --DS: Rhys Washington Brody.

    DS1: Jackson Michael Crocker.
    DW: Claire Leanna Crocker.
    --DD: Amity Julianne Crocker.

    DD2: Raquel Eliza Cable.
    DH: Declan Marshall Cable.
    --DS: Gaius Mark Cable.
    --DD: Brianna Emery Cable.
    --DS: Emmett Micheal Cable.
    --DS: Brenner Rudolph Cable.

    DS2: Beau Jonathan Zebulon.
    DW: Molly Leonarda Zebulon.
    --DS: Carter Stephen Zebulon.
    --DS: Leonardo Mason Zebulon.

    DD3: Adelaide Leona Gregor.
    DH: Steven Daniel Gregor.
    --DS: Macen Oliver Gregor.
    --DS: Riel Marcus Gregor.

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    LN: Cameron
    DH: Gregory Matthew
    DW: Astrid Lynn (nee Nielsen)
    --DD1: Tessa Annette
    --DS1: Jordan Maddox
    --DD2: Rosemary Eleanor
    --DS2: Brady Joshua
    --DD3: Abigail Lauren

    LN: Bronson
    DD1: Tessa Annette (nee Cameron)
    DH: Ronald James
    --DD: Jacqueline Jeannette
    --DD: Antonia Michelle
    --DS: Nelson Russell
    --DD: Miranda Jasmine
    --DS: Roman Wesley

    LN: Cameron
    DS1: Jordan Maddox
    DW: Caitlin Lorelei (nee Malinowski)
    --DD: Alexandra Jamie

    LN: Camden
    DD2: Rosemary Eleanor (nee Cameron)
    DH: Darius Michael
    --DS: Graham Michael
    --DD: Bianca Elizabeth
    --DS: Easton Matthias
    --DS: Bentley Reef

    LN: Zimmerman
    DS2: Brady Joshua (was Cameron)
    DH: Marcus Logan
    --DS: Caleb Solomon
    --DS: Landon Max

    LN: Gareth
    DD3: Abigail Lauren (nee Cameron)
    DH: Saul Daniel
    --DS: Moses Orville
    --DS: Ryland Murray
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    LN: Carter
    DH (62): George Matthew Carter
    DW (60): Adelaide Lavinia Carter
    --DD1 (39): Tabitha Adelaide Carter
    --DS1 (37): John Matthew Carter
    --DD2 (34): Rosalie Elise Carter
    --DS2 (33): Brandt Joseph Carter
    --DD3 (33): Alice Lavinia Carter

    George & Adelaide with Tabitha, John, Rosalie, Brandt, and Alice

    LN: Brown
    DD1 (39): Tabitha Adelaide Brown
    DH (43): Ralph Jackson Brown
    --DD (15): Julia Jane Brown
    --DD (13): Anna Miriam Brown
    --DS (12): Nicholas Ralph Brown "Nick"
    --DD (10): Mary Josephine Brown
    --DS (5): Ryan Wesley Brown

    Ralph & Tabitha with Julia, Anna, Nick, Mary, and Ryan

    LN: Carter
    DS1 (37): John Matthew Carter
    DW (39): Cecilia Lorraine Carter
    --DD (8): Allison June Carter

    John & Cecilia with Allison

    LN: Collins
    DD2 (34): Rosalie Elise Collins
    DH (32): Daniel Mark Collins
    --DS (6): Graham Michael Collins
    --DD (4): Bianca Evelyn Collins
    --DS (4): Edwin Matthew Collins
    --DS (1): Blake Robert Collins

    Daniel & Rosalie with Graham, Bianca, Edwin, and Blake

    DS2 (33): Brandt Joseph Carter
    DW (30): Madeline Lorelei Carter
    --DS (2): Cedric Samuel Carter
    --DS (nb): Linus Malcolm Carter

    Brandt & Madeline with Cedric and Linus

    LN: Green
    DD3 (33): Alice Lavinia Green
    DH (35): Simon David Green
    --DS (7): Matthew Owen Green "Matt"
    --DS (3): Riley Mason Green

    Simon & Alice with Matt and Riley
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    DH: George Malcolm Carruthers
    DW: Annalise Laura Laurence
    --DD1: Tessa Annalise Carruthers
    --DS1: James Malcolm Carruthers
    --DD2: Ruby Elizabeth Carruthers
    --DS2: Beau Julian Carruthers
    --DD3: Amy Louisa Carruthers

    DD1: Tessa Annalise Carruthers
    DH: Rupert John Bennett
    --DD: June Josephine Bennett
    --DD: Audrey Matilda Bennett
    --DS: Nathan Rex Bennett
    --DD: Margaret Julia Bennett
    --DS: Robert William Bennett

    DS1: James Malcolm Carruthers
    DW: Catherine Lillian Collins
    --DD: Ava Jane Carruthers

    DD2: Ruby Elizabeth Carruthers
    DH: David Matthew McEwan
    --DS: Graham Matthew Carruthers
    --DD: Brooke Emily Carruthers
    --DS: Elliott Milo Carruthers
    --DS: Benjamin Reid Carruthers

    DS2: Beau Julian Carruthers
    DW: Mary Loretta Zacharies
    --DS: Charles Sean Carruthers
    --DS: Louis Malcolm Carruthers

    DD3: Amy Louisa Carruthers
    DH: Sebastian Darcy Gill
    --DS: Michael Owen Carruthers-Gill
    --DS: Remy Matthew Carruthers-Gill
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