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Thread: Initials BNG

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    Initials BNG

    Here's a little initial game - Name the family (inspiration is my own family)

    LN: C
    DH: GM
    DW: AL
    --DD1: TA
    --DS1: JM
    --DD2: RE
    --DS2: BJ
    --DD3: AL

    LN: B
    DD1: TA (Same as above)
    DH: RJ
    --DD: JJ
    --DD: AM
    --DS: NR
    --DD: MJ
    --DS: RW

    LN: C (Same as first LN)
    DS1: JM (Same as above)
    DW: CL
    --DD: AJ

    LN: C
    DD2: RE (Same as above)
    DH: DM
    --DS: GM
    --DD: BE
    --DS: EM
    --DS: BR

    LN: Z
    DS2: BJ (Same as above)
    DW: ML
    --DS: CS
    --DS: LM

    LN: G
    DD3: AL (Same as above)
    DH: SD
    --DS: MO
    --DS: RM

    Have fun!!!

    Agatha Louise - 'Aggie'
    Proud Step-Mom To
    Maddox Owen | Ryker Matthew
    Expecting First Biological Child - Little Girl - June 2014

    Abram | Abel | Breccan | Brooks | Foster | Killian | Macsen | Milo | Silas
    Aurelia | Ever | Eloise | Madigan | Maeva | Noa | Romilly | Rowan | Wren

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    LN: Callahan
    DH: Gregor Mannix
    DW: Alladay Louise
    --DD1: Tea Arden
    --DS1: Jensen Michael
    --DD2: Rhiannon Eris
    --DS2: Bennett Jovan
    --DD3: Annesley Lace

    LN: Brenner
    DD1: Tea Arden
    DH: Rowan Jace
    --DD: Jonathan Jacob
    --DD: Ashlyn Mae
    --DS: Nolan Robert
    --DD: Magnolia Jane
    --DS: Ryan West

    LN: Callahan
    DS1: Jensen Michael
    DW: Chloe Landry
    --DD: Alexandria Jorie

    LN: Creighton
    DD2: Rhiannon Eris
    DH: Digby Miles
    --DS: Gibson Meyer
    --DD: Brice Elsa
    --DS: Edgar Morris
    --DS: Brennan Rowe

    LN: Callahan
    DS2: Bennett Jovan
    DW: Mila Lois
    --DS: Calvin Spencer
    --DS: Liam Mack

    LN: Garrison
    DD3: Annesley Lace
    DH: Sean Derrin
    --DS: Mercer Owen
    --DS: Reid Merritt
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett

    twins due in February

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    United Kingdom
    19 year old name lover from England

    Current Favourites

    Avia, Adelaide, Charlotte, Darcy, Evelyn, Emmeline, Isla, Maeve, Olivia & Rosalie
    Arthur, Alfred, Freddie, Gabriel, Grayson, Isaac, James, Jude, Jasper, Milo, Remus, Theo, Tate

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    LN: Chaplin
    DH: Graham Miles
    DW: Ada Leonie
    --DD1: Tate Alexandra
    --DS1: Joss Morrison
    --DD2: Rue Emmeline
    --DS2: Blake Jeremy
    --DD3: Ames Leonore

    LN: Byron
    DD1: Tate Alexandra
    DH: Robert Jude
    --DD: Juno Jasmine
    --DD: Avis Marigold
    --DS: Nash River
    --DD: May Juniper
    --DS: Remy Walden

    LN: Chaplin
    DS1: Joss Morrison
    DW: Cleo Louise
    --DD: Arley Jane

    LN: Calder
    DD2: Rue Emmeline
    DH: Desmond Maurice
    --DS: Graham Maurice
    --DD: Bridget Emmeline
    --DS: Eliza Marjorie
    --DS: Benjamin Rue

    LN: Zanelli
    DS2: Blake Jeremy
    DW: Mia Larissa
    --DS: Cosimo Steffan
    --DS: Luca Matteo

    LN: Gladstone
    DD3: Ames Leonore
    DH: Sidney Dalton
    --DS: Mordecai Otis
    --DS: Roderick Miles

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    West Midlands, UK
    H: George Maximilian Cartham
    W: Antonia Lucille Cartham

    -D1: Tabitha Anya {Cartham} Baasch
    -S1: Jeremy Michael Cartham
    -D2: Ramona Eve {Cartham} Carson
    -S2: Bartholomew James Cartham
    -D3: Addison Lucia {Cartham} Granger

    ~"George (61) and Nia (58) with: Tabs (40), Jem (38), Mona (37), Tolly (34) and Addie (31)."~

    D1: Tabitha Anya {Cartham} Baasch
    H: Reiner Johann Baasch
    -D: Juniper James Baasch
    -D: Anna Matilda Baasch
    -S: Niklaus Roland Baasch
    -D: Margot Jessa Baasch
    -S: Rudolph Weston Baasch

    ~"Tabs (40) and Rein (46) with: Juni (15), Annie (11), Klaus (9), Margot (5) and Rudy (3)."~

    S1: Jeremy Michael Cartham
    W: Calla Louise {Cooper} Cartham
    -D: Alexandra June Cartham

    ~"Jem (38) and Cal (36) with: Allie (4)."~

    D2: Ramona Eve {Cartham} Carson
    H: Damian Michael Carson
    -S: Gregory Max Carson
    -D: Bethan Eve Carson
    -S: Elijah Michael Carson
    -S: Beckett Roland Carson

    ~"Mona (37) and Damian (37) with: Greg (18), Bethan (13), Elijah (9) and Beckett (7)."~

    S2: Bartholomew James Cartham
    W: Matilda Luna {Zeys} Cartham
    -S: Carter Sebastian Cartham
    -S: Lukas Michael Cartham

    ~"Tolly (34) and Mattie (37) with: Carter (5) and Luke (4)."~

    D3: Addison Lucia {Cartham} Granger
    H: Sidney Dukes Granger
    -S: Matthias Oliver Granger
    -S: Roman Maxfield Granger

    ~"Addie (31) and Sidney (32) with: Matt (4) and Roman (nb)."~
    Current Loves: Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith

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