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    For a slightly different opinion, I am a gifted student who's been tossed to the wayside by the public school system. My parents were offered the choice to skip me up a grade and chose not to, but now I'm graduating high school in three years instead of four. In my school system, gifted programs start in kindergarten but only go through the sixth grade. If you truly feel that your daughter isn't getting the education she needs and you'd rather not skip her up to where she would be two years younger, then by all means homeschool her! I speak from experience when I say that there are few things worse than being bored throughout your entire school career.
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    Thanks everyone! We're still on the fence and leaning towards keeping her in traditional school. We have a meeting set up on the 7th with the school to see if we can come up with a solution. Her teacher agrees that she's definitely disenchanted with school and THAT is the issue I'm concerned with more so then boredom.

    She takes dance and plays floor hockey, as well as library book club. She's pretty active and social. I just want her to like school, first grade is too young to have that attitude!
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    Maybe it's just a phase or she isn't clicking with the teach this year? Hope things get better with her attitude. I agree it's sad that she's having complaints in 1st grade, but no reason to jump to conclusions that it will always be that way! (sorry if I implied it would be in my previous post).

    Let the teacher or other administrator or counselor if possible know of your concerns and maybe they can help encourage her more in school or create a plan for more extracurriculars for her. Good luck!
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    We were involved with a wonderful local Sudbury school for nearly 5 years and this fall chose to do homeschool. So far it's going great, granted we have an awesome group of friends who also HS or do alternative schooling so I feel the kids aren't missing out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c@29 View Post
    Yeah. I was offered the very same thing when I was a kid. My dad wanted me to play with kids my own age (I remember he said "she is not even the oldest in her class, let her play for a bit") so he turned it down. I respect his decision but truth to be told, I also regret it for years.

    If your case is similar with mine, let her do it.
    Skipping a grade really is a good option. Some people worry about age, but I never found it to be an issue. I skipped 7th grade and 10th grade, so I was a bit older than your daughter, but even in 11th grade being two years younger than everyone made no difference. I still had friends, I never struggled socially.

    Also, how about private school? I understand tuition can be too much for a lot of people but they, depending on the school, can have highly advanced courses. I teach at one and can attest to that.
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