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    Homeschool moms?

    My first grader is losing her "spark" for school this year. Clara LOVED pre-k and kindergarten (her preschool offered a kindergarten program and we kept her there. We were so blessed to find such a great school). She's always had a love for school/learning. She started reading at 3, loves tinkering with things. She got a set of goldieblox on her last birthday and put them at the top of her list for Santa - she's also working on building a dollhouse with her dad. So the issues she's having in school aren't related to learning difficulties.

    She used to come home from school and talk non stop about what she was learning and things like that. This year I ask her and I get nothing. At parent teacher conferences a few weeks ago her teacher admitted that she seems bored with the work. She said she put in a request for gifted ed services, but our district doesn't start gifted classes until 3rd grade. As a teacher I know and understand why that is. As a parent though it frustrates me to see my daughter not being able to exercise her mind.

    My husband and I have been tossing around the idea of home schooling, at least for a few years. I was wondering what peoples experience with homeschooling is?
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    Homeschooling is on the table for us. Both my husband and I spent years bored in school, even with gifted programs. He ended up being homeschooled from 3rd or 4th grade through graduation, and in most ways it was the best option for him. His parents were unfortunately of the uber religious "shelter your child from all things that you don't understand" ilk, so there was some adjusting and catching up to do, socially. Like most things, I think it's success relies on the approach and the follow through. I know many home schooling families, and they range from turning out doctors and lawyers to drop outs and delinquents.
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    We were thinking of at least trying to home school our children until eighth grade. When I was in school a kid was home schooled but came for band and orchestra, and since I would only be able to teach one instrument I think that would be a great option. I don't know if you're able to integrate your children slowly into their school, but I think that would help get them used to the other kids at their school.

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    Is it possible for your daughter to skip a grade if she's ahead of everyone else in her class? I knew a few people who did that (and actually one of them was still the top of the class, even being a year younger than everyone else).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonfireazalea View Post
    Is it possible for your daughter to skip a grade if she's ahead of everyone else in her class? I knew a few people who did that (and actually one of them was still the top of the class, even being a year younger than everyone else).
    Yeah. I was offered the very same thing when I was a kid. My dad wanted me to play with kids my own age (I remember he said "she is not even the oldest in her class, let her play for a bit") so he turned it down. I respect his decision but truth to be told, I also regret it for years.

    If your case is similar with mine, let her do it.
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