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    Godfrey and Alaric

    I didn't want two -ric names so Godric is a goner. I'm still on the fence with Godfrey though. Could I get more opinions on it and suggestions for names that would complement Godfrey and Alaric. Just to be clear Alaric and Godfrey would both be middle names, not first names. I'm looking for unusual names like Alaric and Godfrey to be used in the middle.
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    Godfrey would be almost impossible to pull off. It's a really cool name, but like I said on another thread, he would have to be the perfect mix of intellectual, charismatic, and eccentric aristocrat for it to work. Godfrey and Alaric are perfect for brothers though. As for siblings, I would mix and match with these lists: and
    Edward ▵ Samuel ▵ Theodore ▵ James ▵ George
    Helen ▵ Georgia ▵ Rose ▵ Mary ▵ Iris
    Ciarán ▵ Blaise ▵ Fionnbharr ▵ Remus ▵ Perseus
    Jane ▵ Alice ▵ Niamh ▵ Minerva ▵ Guinevere

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    Love Godfrey and I don't think he needs to be charismatic aristocrat to pull this name off. I think this names suit on smart boy.

    This name is on my own list and I pair it with Arthur. Arthur Godfrey.
    Tristan Godfrey
    Julian Godfrey
    Felix Godfrey
    Vane Godfrey
    Edric Godfrey
    Amias Godfrey

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    Alaric is also nice.

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    I had a great-uncle named Godfrey, but he went by Jeff in day-to-day life. I think it's a cool name. However, as @southern.maple said, it isn't a name that would suit every boy. I feel like it needs an outgoing, charming type to carry it off well.

    Names in the same vein as Godfrey and Alaric:

    Victor (the name of one of my other great-uncles, Godfrey's brother)
    Xavier (actually, Godfrey Xavier or Xavier Godfrey sounds pretty cool )

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