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  • Lou-Cass

    15 20.83%
  • Luke-Us

    28 38.89%
  • Lou-Kiss

    29 40.28%
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    How do you pronounce Lucas?

    I'm trying to decide if I like this name enough to use it, just curious how most people pronounce it?

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    The second one, I think.


    I accidentally clicked the first one though! However, if I'm not in a hurry it'll sound more like 'loo-kas'. I have a friend called Lucas so I say it fairly often.
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    I pronounce it LOO-kəs.

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    I wasnt aware that there was more than one way to say it lol I've always heard the same "Loo-kas" sound with Lucas
    Honestly most people don't enunciate the syllables enough for any of these pronunciations to sound much different.

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    More like Loo Cuss.

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