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    Which name ... Mario or Yanni ?


    Which name do you prefer with our surname, Kazan --

    Yanni Kazan
    Mario Kazan
    Pablo Kazan
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    Well Mario is totally out for me because of the video game character.....I feel like your kid could get teased a lot with that name.

    Yanni reminds me of a famous piano player I used to like when I was a that's a slightly better association for i'd go with that one, if anything.

    Have you thought about Marius? Less popular and personally sounds a lot better. It's actually the French and German version of Mario
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    I prefer Yanni to Mario, but I think I like Pablo with your last name slightly more than the other two. But I really like the suggestion of Marius.
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    The one Mario I've known was so handsome and sweet, so I have to go with Mario.
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    I like Yanni better with your surname but for me it looks too much like a nn. Marius would fit nicely too though

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