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    OVER USED names in my area!

    I live in a rural area in southern West Virginia, where most mothers give their daughters names that start with either a C or a K and the name usually ends with the E sound. Example: Kylie Kristy & Carlee. And often the same name will be used by multiple mothers but with different spelling, for example instead of a Y they will use an IE. These types of names are constantly over used in my area and I was wondering if any Berries have certain "types" of names that are overly used in their area?
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    I live in Austria and people are so uncreative here. Lukas has been #1 here for about 10 years and every week I read at least 1 birth announcement (from our local hospital) where a boy was named Lukas.
    It's the same with girls - Hannah is #2, Lena #3 here and still they all name their kids Hannah or Lena.
    When I was in school there was another girl that had my name so I was always Isabella B. and she was always Isabella S. - I hated that.
    Imagine, when these kids go to school they will probably be numbered to make it easier for the teachers

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    Northern England
    I'm in Northern England... there's lots dull/dated names or classics like Jessica, Hannah, Amelia, Emily, Kate that people are still using for babies.

    And then there are the cutesy names - Lily, Poppy, Daisy, Elsie, Maisie, Evie, Sophie, Rosie. I know 3+ of each, all under 6. Boys are worst hit I think though with Harry, Alfie, Archie, Ollie, Charlie used on at least half of all babies, I'm sure.

    And there are ''chav names''. So many of them. Usually double-barrelled (Lacie-Mai, Yvie-Marie), follow American trends (Kaylee, Rylie) or are spelt badly (Alyvia, Katelin).
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    unusable-beautiful; Virginia Eseld & Dolores Eithne . ''She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line'. 'olivia; ''somewhat of an enigma'' (

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    I'm in the midwest, USA, and my particular area seems to love super trendy/popular names and are fans of creative spellings.

    I see a steady stream of names for boys like Jace, Cade, Brayden, and Jaxon (there is a Jace/Jase/Jayce every week I swear.)

    Overused girl names are in the cute or creative spelling vein: Kayleigh, Addyson, Brinley. Or they are names like Madison, Savannah, Skylar--perfectly nice names, but not much outside of the box.

    These are the overused names. I see classic names or nameberry-type names sometimes too, but they aren't as prominent.
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    In the northeastern US
    For girls my most overused are Amelia (which surprised me), Ella, and Olivia
    For boys Aiden (my daughter has 2 in her daycare class of around 8)

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