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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Owen and Simon on your list!


    Boaz "Beau"

    Spencer is usually on my list instead of Declan, but I'm really loving Declan today, and I'm not so sure about Brody and Spencer anymore. If I replaced Brody, it'd probably be Leopold "Leo" or Linus instead. MAYBE Lev.
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    1. Tobias
    2. Nathaniel
    3. Fredrick
    4. Oliver
    5. Ivan
    6. Edmund
    7. Timothy
    8. Nicolai
    9. Andrew
    10. Hugo
    11. Michael
    12. Julian
    13. Louis

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    1. James
    2. Malachy
    3. Alexander
    4. Sidney
    5. Benjamin
    6. Kian
    7. Harry
    8. Elijah
    9. Rory
    10. Lorcan
    11. Hugo
    12. Maxwell
    13. Anthony
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    Boys More Fun These Days!

    I posted this and the girl version recently and I have to say I am loving the names on the boy thread, oohing and aahing as if at fireworks, but the girl thread doesn't do much for me.

    I think this is because I began my list of girl names at what... four? Five? I had a children's book I loved, all about plump little bunny girls on sky blue paper and I thought their names were Jiffy and Jelly (actually one just said, "I'll be ready in a jiff!" and I, the born namer, christened them Jiffy and Jelly. Which I then vowed to name my daughters, but thankfully one can't have children in kindergarten!)

    Then it was the inexplicable Candace and my 15 imagined girls, ages 16 down to 2. And many more after that.

    But never once boy names! Not even once.

    So this is feeling like 2014, The Year of the Boy Name for me. On Tarquin, On Arthur, On Freddie, Bartholomew, and Rudy!
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