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    Talking Sylvie vs. Tessa w/ POLL

    For weeks, I have been in love with the name Sylvie for our fourth daughter, but I also recently started to like Tessa. In English, Tessa means "harvester" which I think is a little weird, but I have also read that it means "fourth child" in Greek. So now I like it even more because of the meaning. Also, her mn would be Jane, which means "God's gracious gift" So all in all, I really like the meaning of Tessa.

    Sibling names are: Kaylee (14) Claire (10) Hope (7).

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    I love both, but would use Sylvia and Teresa with Sylvie and Tessa as nicknames, but that's just personal preference. I think if the meaning of Tessa means more to you, then use that one. Good luck
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    Anyone else? I am not interested in using the full version of either name. I know that some people prefer that, but I'm not much of a stickler for name rules--two of my dd's (Claire and Hope) go by their middle names and I know some frown upon that.

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    Tessa Jane, most definetly! The name Sylvie is really cute, but to me, it doesn't fit in with Kaylee, Claire, and Hope. Tessa is a perfect match! Use it.
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    Tessa feels more fitting for your family. It's a bit modern but still somewhat classic sounding while Sylvie is more of a vintage name to me.

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