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Thread: Chel.

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    Has anybody seen DreamWorks Road to Eldorado? This is a great movie, and I'm particularly gripped by the name of the two fugitives' accomplice, Chel. I love the name, but I can't seem to find it on any name websites. Have you ever heard it before? Do you think it could be used, or not?

    Also, when I looked up a variation spelling of the name in Wiki, I got the following results:
    Chell, Staffordshire, an English community on the northern edge of Stoke-on-Trent
    Chell (Star Trek), a Star Trek: Voyager character
    Chell (Portal), the protagonist of the 2007 video game Portal and its 2011 sequel Portal 2
    Chell, a chemical cell - used in the context of bottom-up synthetic biology

    Carol Chell (born 1941), British children's television presenter
    Joseph Chell (1911–1992), British footballer
    Walter Chell, Canadian cocktail inventor who invented the Caesar cocktail

    Have any of you heard of this spelling of this name? What are your thoughts?

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    I haven't heard it before, but like Chet, which is similar. I think Chel looks a bit unfinished in some way, sorry.

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    Chel, to me, looks like a nickname for Chelsea or Michelle (depending on how the "ch" is pronounced), and not so much a full name. I'd rather see Chet, as @ciottolo mentioned, or perhaps even Del. Those are both sort of old-timey nicknames that are a bit more familiar.

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    I've seen the film, it's one of the few non-Disney traditionally drawn animations I actually like. Chel is meant to be a native of El Dorado, so I'm guessing they made it up to be similar to ancient Aztec/Mayan names.

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    I love that movie ^_^ I liked Chel. She's a great girl. I like the name too. I'm pretty sure it's made up too. I did find Chelle which says "powerful ruler" and is listed as old english on the site I'm looking. The closest Mayan name I can find is Ixchel which means "moon goddess, she of the rainbow".

    I would use it as a nickname for Cheletha (one who smiles a lot) or Rachel or something.
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