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    Starting over and need help.

    After much debate we decided to just throughout our beast of a list and start over. With about 16 days left we need some ideas and quick.

    We are not overly concerned with ‘matching’ our boys’ names because we are planning at least one or two more kids(after this one) and really don’t want all ‘unisex surname’ type names. We are looking for something sweet and charming now but grown and sophisticated later. My hubs has a weird(but sexy) accent. It is a Russian-British mixture and some names(and words) just sound off. I had to eliminate some names I really like such as Meredith, which when he says sounds a lot like ’Merry Death’ or ‘Married Death’. I’m not a fan of Bel/Belle/Bella or ‘Maddy’ names. We have completely different naming styles which is making this so much harder.

    Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
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