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Thread: Paleanna

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    One of my very dear friends name is Breanna. She went on a vacation to Hawaii and found that her name translated into Hawaiian is Paleanna (pronounced Pa-lay-nuh). What does everyone think of this name? Any ideas for good middle names?

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    I thought it would be pronounced pay-lee-anna. It's not quite my style, but I'd suggest spelling it Pelèna to get the pronunciation she desires.
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    not a fan... my first thought is that it would have been pronounced pahl-lee-ah-na (almost like pollyanna). no offense intended, but it also registers (at first glance) as Pale-Anna.

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    Well, it looks like Pale Anna. Not good if she's fair skinned lol.
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    It's got a beautiful sound but I assumed it was pale-anna first (unattractive in all ways) and then pah-lee-anna.

    Lovely name, but best kept for Hawaiian born babies.

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