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Thread: Name Quiz

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    Name Quiz

    Do you live in a city or town:
    City: Girl
    Town: Boy

    What room are you in right now?
    Kitchen: Kelia/ Brooks
    Living Room: Madeline/ Luke
    Bedroom: Blair/ Connor
    Dining Room: Gabriella/ Samuel
    Other: Julia/ Aaron

    Which social media do you prefer?
    Instagram: Emma/ Peyton
    Twiter: Sienna/ Benjamin
    Facebook: Georgia/ Elijah
    Pinterest: Christine/ Emery
    Youtube: Taryn/ Caleb

    2) Jeans or Leggings?
    Jeans: Boy
    Leggings: Girl

    FN: What jewlery item do you wear the most?
    Earrings: Brooke/ Dalton
    Necklace: Sara/ Ryan
    Bracelet: Olive/ Felix
    Anklet: Alison/ Mark
    Other: Erica/ Walter

    MN: What name do you prefer?
    Riley: Reese/ Jonathan
    Marley: Margaret/ Quentin
    Courtney: Camille/ August
    Delaney: Diana/ Chase

    3) How many siblings do you have?
    0-1: Boy
    2-4: Girl
    5+: You choose

    FN: What flavor do you like the best?
    Sweet: Cora/ Isaac
    Salty: Lucy/ Nathaniel
    Sour: Ella/ Kyle
    Spicy: Aria/ Terrence

    MN: Favorite Color:
    Red: Bailey/ Marshall
    Orange: Helena/ Leo
    Yellow: Eva/ Allen
    Green: Mackenzie/ Joseph
    Blue: Colette/ David
    Purple: Mora/ Zachary
    Pink: Vivian/ Thomas

    4) What is the last digit of the year you were born?
    0-4: Girl
    5-9: Boy

    FN: What does your first name start with?
    A-J: Bria/ Aidan
    K-Z: Lydia/ Cameron

    MN: What weather do you like the best?
    Sunny: Eleanor/ Patrick
    Cloudy: Jordan/ Jace
    Rainy: Annie/ Grayson
    Thunderstorm: Aubrey/ Michael
    Snowy: Dorothy/ Gavin

    My Answers:
    Luke Emery
    Sara Margaret
    Nathaniel Allen
    Lydia Aubrey
    Lauren, Teenberry
    Too many favorite names to list...

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    Just a 20 year old, in love with names

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    “I am the one thing in life, I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original."

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    1.) Boy / Connor Benjamin
    2.) Boy / Dalton Chase
    3.) Boy / Isaac David
    4.) Boy / Aidan Jace

    Elisabeth FloraRosa CarolinePearl Marian
    Catherine IrisOlympia VioletEva Primrose
    Alexander JoveJames IcarusFranklin August

    crushing on:
    Octavia and Caroline

    vote on my combos

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